Peter Wohrle

Peter Wöhrle


Prosthetic Track– Digital Prosthetic Dentistry – Managing Complex Cases With Digital Dentistry

Dr. Peter Wöhrle received his DMD “cum laude” and Master of Medical Sciences in Oral Biology from Harvard University. Additionally, he completed two advanced education programs (prosthodontics and implant dentistry) at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, and a four-year certified dental technician program in Switzerland. While at Harvard, he worked with his mentor, Dr. Paul Schnitman, on the groundbreaking concept of immediate loading with Brånemark implants. Once in private practice, Dr. Wöhrle applied these principles to the concept of immediate tooth replacement in the esthetic zone. More recently, Dr. Wöhrle focuses on implant design and digital workflow in implant dentistry. Furthermore, he developed the 3:1 wide-screen, computer-based presentation format that is used as a standard in continuing education programs globally.